Tales of orifices

My friends, this evening I’m in a penetrative mood. That’s right, penetrative. So, to satisfy this need, I started by putting a cotton bud in my ear. That wasn’t enough. I ate something really stodgy (thank you to my lovely housemates who took it upon themselves to destroy my stomach). Still not enough.  Then I remembered an article that I’d seen in The Guardian on 16th November which was penetrative, to say the least, and that put a spring in my step and a grin on my face…

In an attempt to better understand the neurological mechanisms involved in the female orgasm, scientific journalist Kayt Sukel took part in an experiment: she masturbated in an MRI scanner. All under the instruction of Barry Komisaruk, orgasm researcher (orgasm researchers seriously exist?), and his PhD student Nan Wise. Well, to be honest, making yourself come in an MRI scanner (magnetic resonance imaging scanner) doesn’t exactly come easily: confined space, deafening noise, inability to move without compromising the data, and above all… scientists impatiently awaiting the results of your “performance”. Consequently, Kayt had to practise reaching orgasm while moving as little as possible for several weeks. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see the results!

Ah, but that’s not all! I still haven’t completely satisfied my unhealthy craving… and so I have a little bonus for you.

On the same day, The Huffington Post website presented us with a superb selection of X-Rays which have been published in a new book, subtly named Stuck Up! (by forensic psychiatrists Marty A.Sindhain and Rich E. Dreben and emergency room physician Murdoc Knight). I highly recommend that you go and take a look at it for yourselves. You’ll see that doctors must have no end of things to talk about over the coffee machine: from the Barbie to the iPod, the buzz light-year to the cassette tape; there is a range of things to crack them up. More than 100 cases are listed in the book in question, the crème de la crème of strange objects inserted into the human body.

In the hope that this article inspired you as much as it did me, I’ll leave you to hit the hay and wish you pleasant penetration (any orifice included)!

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